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Zameen.com is Pakistan’s largest and most successful real estate website. Folks love us because we’re known for putting on events of breath-taking magnitude and scope. We’re not too shabby otherwise either, as you can probably tell from the following quick stats:

  • Our main website gets 5.5 million visits per month
  • Our database offers more than 20 million property listings
  • More than 1.6 million people are subscribed members of Zameen.com
  • Our operations span 30+ cities

Impressive, right? So join us at Zameen.com Property Expo and let us demonstrate to you just how we are the best in the business.

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Make way, lesser mortals. The king of Pakistan’s real estate sector is here with the best app in town. Zameen App connects you with the largest database of active properties in Pakistan, allowing you to find exactly what you need – whether it’s for sale or for rent – on the go. Download Zameen App today and start carrying around the future of real estate in your pocket!

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